A fascinating tour to the eastern part of the Bali, visit the ancient Court House of Justice at Klungkung. Constructed in the late 18th century, the walls and ceilings are covered with paintings depicting episodes and scenes of the horrors awaiting those who do evil while on earth. Nearby, the Bale Kambang (Floating Pavilion) and a museum complex open to the public.

This full day tour also includes visit:

  • Sidemen - A magnificent view of rice terrace in an area still largely untouched by modern development.
  • Taman Ujung - A water pleasure-palace complex originally built by the last King of Karangasem in 1919. The complex is a combination of Balinese and European architectural styles with 3 large ponds inside the central area. In the middle of the main pond, there is a large floating building connected by 2 bridge walkways. Located at highest point of Taman Ujung is a great statue of "warak" (rhinoceros). Beneath the warak there is another massive statue of a bull. From this high vantage point, enjoy a vista including marvelous view of the sea, hills with lush and green forest, the beauty of Mount Agung and green terraced rice fields.
  • Tenganan - An original Balinese 'aga' village and home to a distinctive ancient culture where strict mores and cultural taboos are still rigidly enforced. Distinctly different from other villages in Bali with its broad avenues and its rare geringsing weaving methods, the gates of Tenganan are locked to the outside world each night.
  • Goa Lawa (Bat Cave) - If time permits Believed to have a subterranean connection to sacred Mt. Agung, the roof of this temple, set at the entrance to a sacred cave, is blanketed by thousands of bats. An awesome sight, especially if the resident pythons have crawled out on a ledge to "eye" the tourists and worshippers.

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