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Balinese cooking is a creative process that is simple and lots of fun. Here you will learn the techniques and become familiar with the fresh herbs, spices and other ingredients that make Balinese food delightfully tasty as well as nutritious and cleansing. Over the day we will take you to explore different ways to blend and balance the varied flavours to create a stimulating array of unique tastes .

The activities begin by visiting a traditional market to buy the ingredients for your cooking experience. Then the trip will continue to visit a primary school where you can meet funny and lovely children. Before you start to experience Balinese cuisines, we will take you through a garden where we grow many kinds of spices. To get a more realistic Balinese experience, we will also show you how to make red rice tea and offerings. The cooking class is conducted in a traditional kitchen. You can learn how to chop, grind, or mix numerous herbs and spices by using traditional kitchen utensils. You will have an easy and fun cooking experience as you are assisted by our helpful local chef. Savor everything you cook with a traditional leaf made plate and spoon so that none of the delectably spicy flavours are compromised by the taste of aluminum. On the way back to your hotel, we will take you to visit a monkey forest.


  • USD 62/adult
  • USD 49/child (under 12 years old)

Balinese Cooking Menu A :

  • Nasi Goreng (fried rice)
  • Mie Goreng (fried noodle)
  • Tempe Manis (sweet tempe)
  • Sate Lilit (twisted satay)
  • Sate Basa Kacang (Peanut sauce satay)

Balinese Cooking Menu B :

  • Nagasari cake (sumping)
  • Kekupa cake
  • Bantal
  • Lukis cake
  • Pisang goreng (fried banana)

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