Denpasar Tour Package

Denpasar Tour Package is a tour package to visit Denpasar town with it unique and variety of local society life combines with the traditional Balinese culture activities. This tour is very interesting that you can see closely the real Balinese urban with their social life and traditional cultures. Places of interest that you will visit are traditional market, Jagatnata Temple, Bali Museum and Bajra Sandhi Monument. Your tour will be enjoyable and accompanied by our professional tour guide with private full air-conditioning car transfer.

What is the tour about?

The tour is started from pick you up at the hotel lobby and drop to the Balinese traditional market to see the Balinese activities side in their traditional market. Afterward the trip is continued to see the Jagatnata Temple (the biggest temple in Denpasar town) and beside of the temple you may visit the Bali Museum (on opening time only) or you may visit the Bajra Sandhi Monument where this place to honor the Balinese Society Struggle. Your last destination is visiting the Treasure Island where you can see the Balinese Society activities like Balinese cooking, Balinese game, gamelan practicing, Batik Painting etc.

The Places of Interest will be visited on Denpasar City Tour

Bali Traditional MarketTRADITIONAL MARKET
Bali Tours, Bali Traditional Market in DenpasarTradition market at Denpasar town is called Pasar Badung where is the center activities of seller and buyer with the variety of daily life need. You can see closely the Balinese doing transaction among them and local material that support their life. This market is located in the center of Denpasar town and opened within 24 hours with several of selling activities.

Jagatnata Temple Tour JAGATNATA TEMPLE 
Jagatnata Temple - Denpasar BaliThis temple is very beautiful with full of Balinese ornament decorates on each temple building from the entrance gate until the main temple building. Apposite to this temple, there is a big courtyard with beautiful tropical garden. There is high temple building in the center of temple area that is the main temple where is used to pray to the god by Balinese Hindu. 

Bali Museum BALI MUSEUM 
Bali Museum, Denpasar toursBali Museum is collecting the ancient and historic item from Denpasar surrounding area. All of the collection in this museum is the historic omissions and heritage from the former era . This museum is just the next door from the Jagatnata Temple and you can visit to this place on the opening time only. If the museum is closed, the trip will be connected to Art Center to see the biggest theater that is usually used to present the Balinese traditional performance.

Bajra Sandi Monument in Dempasar CityIn this monument you will see the beautiful monument building that is used to honor the struggle effort from the Balinese to keep maintain the strong culture. In front of the monument, there is a big courtyard and Bali Governor office. This monument is strategically located in east side of Denpasar town where the government official offices are located.

In this place, you will see several Balinese culture activities like dance lesson, gamelan lesson, offering making, Balinese food cooking and other attractions. This place is located in Sanur, eastern part of Denpasar Bali that is offering a different experience on your tour in Bali

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