Bali Rafting and Ubud Tour

Bali Rafting and Ubud Tour is an exciting tour package to join the great rafting adventure and looking around in Ubud area to visit places of interest and local society daily activities. You will enjoy the exciting rafting adventure at Ayung River in Ubud and it is continued to join the Ubud Tour that are all completing your wonderful experience during vacation in this island. The full air-conditioning car transfer, delicious buffet lunch and professional speaking guide are all features to keep your convenience trips.

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Places of interest will be visited during Bali Rafting and Ubud Tour Package

Bali Rafting, Bali Adventures BALI RAFTING ADVENTURE
Bali Rafting, White Water Rafting UbudIn the morning time, you will be picked up by the rafting staff to drop you to their start point to continue the water rafting adventure. You will explore the beautiful river with the good challenge of rapid and see the beautiful panorama along the river with the fresh water that all come with fun. At the end of adventure, you will join the delicious Indonesian buffet lunch before taking shower to continue the Ubud Tour. White Water Rafting at Ayung River is an exciting water adventure to explore 8 km river with natural environment and beautiful cliff bank. This great adventure with full of fun cover 2 hours ride on boat with professional river guide who accompany during your adventure. 

Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud BaliYou will be picked up by our tour guide at the stop point of the rafting adventure company for Ubud Tour. The trip is continued to visit Tegalalang countryside to see the beautiful panorama of rice terrace. The rice terrace is uniquely designed with beautiful hollowing on the steep bank that makes the amazing panorama. It is situated on the hilly land with the river valley and the cool atmosphere surrounds it. This panorama is ideally seen from the apposite of this rice terrace right on the main road from Ubud to Kintamani. Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of Ubud tourism icon located in north side of this village and it has been many visited by tourist every day. 
Ubud Monkey ForestUbud Monkey Forest is a small fertile tropical forest dwelt by the group of monkeys and other animals. Most of the monkeys in this area are tame and freedom life adjoins each others. There is a Hindu Temple is existing in the corner of this forest and the local people believe that these groups of monkeys keep secure the temple from the bad influence. In the middle of forest, many fertile tropical trees with huge size and high that is an ideal place for the monkey habitat. It is strategically located in the center of Ubud with some hotels, restaurants and shops are located close by therefore Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the beautiful place to visit in Bali. 
Ubud Art market, Ubud Center UBUD ART MARKET
Ubud Art MarketThere are many souvenirs can be brought home available in this market with multifarious of style, colors, form and type. This market is specially selling the handicraft for souvenir with many selections that are offering to the visitors. It is located in the center of Ubud Bali apposite to Ubud Palace. You will enjoy your shopping time in the beautiful place with full variety of Balinese art work. The friendly sellers who come from the local community are offering the selection of your need to bring home. 

Ubud Palace, Puri SarenUbud Palace is the residential house of Ubud king which is more known by the name of Puri Saren. In this palace, the Ubud king is leaving with his family and makes this palace as governance center in the empire era. The houses are very beautiful with the strong Balinese ornaments and decorations that make it an ideal place to visit. At the late afternoon, the traditional Balinese dances with the exciting gamelan are performed in this place right on the open stage that is located in front area. 

Painting Museum, Ubud BaliPainting Museum is an alternative place of interest in Ubud to visit the collection of the beautiful painting made by the local and the world class artist. The museum collects the high valuable art painting with variety of style and object. It is strategically located close to the Ubud Center and provides the valuable collection to describe the art development in Ubud Bali.

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